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Mail Bag Recap #13

My trades are taking over my mail. I am getting one to three plain white envelopes a day. A day! While this seems to be getting out of hand, my set binders think otherwise.

Six Dodgers And A Cub

A quick trade with TCDB member corozco landed me six Dodgers and a Cub. I didn’t realize until I was sorting through the cards that almost all of them were Dodgers. Oh well– doesn’t matter. My sets are getting closer to complete.

I distinctly remember the Steve Sax rookie in Beckett Baseball when I was a kid. Maybe a showcase? Thanks, corozco!

Another Pay It Forward

Shawn (TCDB member Shawn’s Doubles) sent me a 1988 Topps out of the blue. A “Pay it forward” as they call it.

This bumps my 1988 Topps set to 88.8%. Thanks, Shawn!

Trade With Jenny

Jenny (TCDB member JennyMiller521) and I set up a trade last week. I sent her a 2020 Topps Bob Gibson rookie pin and she sent me a whole boat load of 1990 Topps set needs.

I was starting to feel that this set would never end. With this stack of cards my 1990 set sits at 99.6% complete! This leaves three cards to a complete set.

Thanks, Jenny! We will definitely have to trade again.

Trade with Golfslocum

Robert (TCDB member Golfslocum) and I swapped some cards. I sent some 2020 Turkey Reds and he sent some 2020 Topps base.

It’s funny how little 2020 Topps Series 1 I have purchased this year, but my set is growing quite well. Thank you, Robert!

Trade with yankeedad69

A trade with Tom (TCDB member yankeedad69) netted me twelve more 2016 Topps needs and two more 2020 Topps set needs in exchange for my 2020 Topps Turkey Reds.

My heavily neglected 2016 Topps set is at 74.7% complete. Thanks, Tom!

A Single Card

I have been sitting on a 1992 Topps – Gold #773 Hal Morris since I pulled it in 1992. Usually a small card like this would just get donated. Now it can go to someone who will use it.

TCDB member jmiller4 and I exchanged card-for-card. Landing me a needed 1992 Topps Gold Winner.

Thanks, jmiller4!

My final trade for this post was with Jeff (TCDB member jeffl62). I traded a hand full of 2020 Topps Series duplicates for some 1986, 1988, a 2017 set needs.

Yes, that is another advertisement card. These can be neat, especially years down the road when you are paging through the set. I still enjoy seeing the ad cards from the 1980’s. Thanks, Jeff!

Well, that is it for this blog post. The mailman dropped of a comc package today and I need to start scanning. It will most likely be a two part post.

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Ryan is a baseball card dork and developer. He has been collecting cards since he was six starting with 1988 Score. Reigning from Minnesota, he is an avid Minnesota sports fan.

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Hopefully someone reading this post will just send you the three needed cards and get that ’90 set completed, there’s got to be plenty of blogger’s (not me) who have piles of those just laying around!

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