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Mail Bag Recap #14

Well, that escalated quickly. Just over a week ago everything was “normal”, but as the corona virus pandemic grew things changed quickly. At least the mail is still going…

Here is what arrived recently.

Four for Four

Matt (TCDB member jmswyo) and I traded a few cards with each other. Adding a pair of 2020 Topps Series 1 and a pair of 2020 Topps Heritage set needs.

I really like Heritage this year. I have always liked the early 1970’s Topps sets. The 1971 set is my second favorite behind the 1975 set.

My 2020 Topps set is sitting at 66.9% with Heritage at 3.8%– Ooof!

Thanks for the trade, Matt!

A Mix Of Years

Steve (TCDB member capsboy) and I traded a mixed stack of cards. This landed me set needs for multiple years.

I almost forgot Greinke was a Dodger at one point. He is still an Astro, right?

Thanks, Steve!

Some Hall of Famers

I was lucky enough to trade with Robert (TCDB member rmitchell6700). You all should know him from his blog, $30 a week habit.

I sent him some of my 2020 Topps Series 1 doubles and he sent me a small stack of 1984’s and a 1979. The stack included; Ted Simmons, Willie Stargell, Rollie Fingers, and Rich Gossage!

Thanks, Robert. Hopefully we can trade again!

Twenty Trades

The trade with Robert was my 20th trade on TCDB! I cannot say enough good things about the trading card database. Finding a group of similar collectors (set builders) has made collecting a lot of fun again.

More 2016’s

My second trade with Dave (TCBD member La Loosh) landed me more 2016 set needs.

Yes, that is the second 2016 Topps Greinke this week. I think both of these trades were in the proposal stage at the same time.

Thanks for another great trade, Dave!

Refreshing An Old Set

I began working on the 1992 Fleer Ultra Series 2 set and Don (TCDB member mrdonnee) traded a bunch of his extras.

I completed the 1992 Fleer Ultra Series 1 set in 1992, but never attempted series 2 (or the inserts). Thanks for the trade, Don!

A Small One

A small trade with TCDB member rrk1918 landed me two more 1986 Topps Set needs.

Thanks for the trade, rrk1918!

That’s it. My trades will probably slow down here soon. I went a little too crazy and need to catch up with all my sorting as I am sitting on a ton of 2020 Topps Heritage and a Heritage hobby box that I have yet to open.

Thanks for reading!

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Ryan is a baseball card dork and developer. He has been collecting cards since he was six starting with 1988 Score. Reigning from Minnesota, he is an avid Minnesota sports fan.