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Mail Bag Recap #12

I have been doing a lot of trading on the trading card daatbase… a lot. My wife came into my office today and dropped down a big stack of plain white envelopes. It was great.

I got a stack of five plain white envelopes in the mail today. “This is all that was in the mail” my wife told me as she set the stack down.

I took over our mail.

Trade #1

I made another trade with TCDB member GooseWayneX. I set him a bunch of 1988 Donruss Baseball’s Best and he set me a mix of set needs.

My 1982 set build is mostly commons, I am slowly filling in the stars. The build now sits at 85.8%. All four 1991 Topps are errors with only one –the checklist– being a glow back.

Yes, that is an advertisement card for The Show 18. Yes, it is dumb, but ugh– my set building OCD just won’t let me complete the set without it. Thank you for the great trade, GooseWayneX!

Trade #2

This was my first trade with Eddy (TCDB member SetShot68). He sent me a stack of 1981 Topps and a 1982 Topps Jim Palmer.

1981 was the year I was born and I have always wanted to complete my “birth year” set (if that is even a thing). These bring the set up to 67.8%.

Is it me, or does Jim Palmer still looks as young as he does in 1982? Thanks, Eddy!

Pay It Forward

This was my first “Pay It Forward” from TCDB. Jason (TCDB member rodine) sent me two 1986 Topps needs bring my set to 81.3% complete. Thanks, Jason!

PWE From The Angels, In Order

Tom from The Angels, In Order made a comment on my blog, which started an email chain between us. He offered a nice handful of 1986 Topps along with two 1991 Topps checklists.

I will definitely be looking for a way to pay back the generosity. Thanks, Tom. Much appreciated!

Trade #3

My third trade was with Craig (TCDB member DukeyDevil). I sent Craig some 1995-96 Collector’s Choice Hockey Crash The Game inserts and he sent me some set needs.

The three 1989’s are variations bumping my master set up to 99.0% complete. The 1989 Topps set doesn’t get much love, but it is one of my favorites. Thanks, Craig!

Trade #4

The last trade was a big one with Jerod (TCDB member bigslick445). I sent him a stack of 1981’s and he sent a stack of 2016’s and a few 2020 Topps.

I think I only bought a blaster when 2016 Topps came out, so my set is lacking. This stack brings me to 73.0% complete. Thanks, Jerod!

That was a lot of trades to scan and organize. I think I went a little crazy last week…

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Ryan is a baseball card dork and developer. He has been collecting cards since he was six starting with 1988 Score. Reigning from Minnesota, he is an avid Minnesota sports fan.

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There’s a gap difference between Sheffield’s hat and the Future Stars header? We learn something new every day. I’ve gotta go compare my rookie cards now.

Hopefully your wife isn’t the sort to get uppity when you get cards in the mail, especially given your recent surge of cards in the mail.

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