A Blue Light Special Oddball Set

Junk wax oddball sets are an awesome piece of nostalgia. I am slowly finding these oddball sets as I go through my cards again. This time, I re-discovered the 1989 K-Mart Dream Team set.

This will be my second oddball set review. @DubMentality has been writing great blog posts about the oddball sets he acquired which has made me want to review my sets.

I am starting to think a dedicated website is needed to catalog all the oddball sets of the junk wax era. Any takers?

1989 K-Mart Dream Team

I accidentally came across this set while searching for some cards in my bin a few days ago. Sadly this set was missing the original box, but the all the cards are still there.

I absolutely love the glossy card stock. These remind mind me of the Topps Tiffany sets during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. The “Dream Team” in yellow above the player name looks great.

This set has a really strong checklist. There are five players who I don’t see fitting into this set. Maybe they were one hit wonders that someone felt needed to be in the set? Here is a small sample.

Thanks for reading. I will be back again with more oddball set reviews.

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It seems that I get the Chris Sabo card from this set once every six months or so. Not my favorite Kmart set. I think I liked the 1987 issue the best, with 1982 close behind.


I don’t remember the 1987 set, but now you have me interested in it. I believe I have the 1982 set on it’s way to my house.

Thanks for reading.

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