A Junk Food Junk Wax Oddball Set

Baseball card collectors in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s will remember the small oddball sets issued by companies during the junk wax era. These sets were over produced and maintained little value, but have recently caught my attention.

My renewed interest in junk wax oddball sets started when @DubMentality wrote an excellent blog post, KayBee Superstars! followed by 1987 Fleer’s Baseball Stars – The Review. Both are heavily nostalgic and excellent reads.

If you were a child of the junk wax era, you most likely owned a few oddball sets. My old Toys R’ Us, Kay-Bee Toys, or Woolworth’s oddball sets did not survive after all these years. However, I did discover a great food issue oddball set by Hostess.

1993 Hostess Baseball

The 1993 Hostess Baseball set was a fully licensed 32 card set and came in three card cello packs inside a pack of Hostess Baseball Cakes. I honestly don’t remember eating these cakes, but I do remember opening the three card packs. That meant someone I knew was eating a lot of Hostess cakes and giving me the cards.

1993 Hostess Baseball Promotional Poster
1993 Hostess Baseball Promotional Poster

The checklist is strong and loaded with MLB all-stars. The stripped light blue border design gives the set a 1990’s “feel” that a junk wax collector could appreciate.

What junk wax era oddball sets do you still possess?

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