The Great Card Purge

I cannot believe it has been almost seven months since my last post. But as I look at how busy things have become over the last seven months, then yeah… I can believe it.

School started almost a month ago for my son, which has forced a lot of things to settle down around here. Earlier bed times, less running around, etc. With this extra time, I have decided to purge a lot of my cards.

When we “downsized” to a new house last year, I had to downsize my card area. I went from an almost unlimited amount of space in the basement to 4″X2″ closet in my office, which quickly became a cluttered mess. This bothered me a lot.

Bye-bye basketball

I had a small five year run of Panini NBA Hoops basketball sets going, but realized I honestly didn’t care about them. Sure they were fun to put together, but I have never paged through my basketball binders like I do my baseball sets. I ended up selling approximately 2,500 basketball cards over the last few weeks.

Thinning Out The Football Collection

I love watching football. I really do, but my desire to collect football is gone. I don’t know if 40+ half-assed football products Panini releases a year or the fact players come and go so fast… Either way, I just don’t do football anymore. The only two football sets I am going to keep is my 2014 Topps Chrome and 2015 Topps Chrome… Maybe.

Selectively Selling Baseball

I had a ton of baseball sitting around from the past two to five years. I took a week to separate and sort what I wanted to get rid of. Essentially, anything NOT Minnesota Twins or a set need will go. I ended up selling around 4,000 baseball cards. Luckily enough, I had a couple 2018 Topps Updates sets laying around and some extra Ronald Acuna Jr rookies too. Smell ya later, Acuna!

More Room To Breathe

It feels like weight of 8,000 cards has been lifted off my shoulders. It made me feel anxious to have so many cards laying around that I gave such little focus. There is still more to do as the top loaded singles will go next.

By BaseCardHero

Ryan is a baseball card dork and developer. He has been collecting cards since he was six starting with 1988 Score. Reigning from Minnesota, he is an avid Minnesota sports fan.

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I too am carrying around a bunch of card weight on my shoulders, maybe not 8,000’s worth of weight, but still enough to know that I need to make some changes… I’ve just been terribly lazy about trying to make said changes! Nice to have you back BTW, hopefully you’ll be able to stick around for a bit 🙂

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