The Irony of 1990 Donruss Aqueous Test

1990 Donruss was the epitome of junk wax; It was incredibly over produced.  The mysterious Aqueous Test issue cards are some of the rarest cards from the early 1990’s. Is it not ironic that one of the most mass produced cards of the early 1990’s has some of the rarest cards of the era?

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The 2014 Fanatics Authentic Collectibles Show

The 2014 Fanantics Authentics sports collectibles show showcases a large autographed lineup backed by an incredible assortment of sports cards dealers. This was my first large show in over 20 years and it did not disappoint.

Last Saturday, I attended the 2014 Fanatics Authentic sports collectibles show.  The show was put on by Fanatics Authentic at the Donald E. Stephens convention center in Rosemont, Illinois.  This was my first large sports card show (more than 30 tables) in over twenty years ago in the early 1990’s.  I got some great deals and was able to see incredible collections of cards.

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