1988 Score Factory Set

It Started With 1988 Score

I decided to take a trip back to where baseball cards started for me… 1988 Score. We all start somewhere and I remember opening the 1988 Score rack packs my dad had purchased. Who knew it would turn into this obsession…

I was chasing Minnesota Twins back then

The few Minnesota Twins cards I acquired from the packs were my favorite. Being from Minnesota and with the Twins winning the World Series the previous year, I was always excited with any Twins players I pulled. Any Twins cards were placed on the top of my stack (which was wrapped by a rubber band) and being seven years old, the condition was not a concern for me. I was just happy I had some baseball cards.

The rubber band wrapped cards are long gone. There is a good chance I discarded them due to the condition they were in. If I still had them today, I would keep them as if they were an expensive find.

Still the same collector

Thirty years later, I still hoard all Minnesota Twins cards I can find… even the base cards. With all the changes the sports card industry has endured, I still have the same mentality when it comes to collecting.

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