Mail For The Rabbit Hole

I have come to consider completing a 1991 Topps master set a rabbit hole. The set never ends. There are more errors and variations that I can count. Thankfully there are other people out who have developed some what of an obsession with this set like me.

I came across a much needed 1991 Topps #48 Dennis Boyd (black flag tip) on eBay. The price was good, so I snatched it up. Some time went by and the package arrived. As I opened the package, the seller stuffed in some extra 1991 Topps errors!

It turns out the seller was Junk Wax Gems! It you aren’t familiar with his blog, he has found and documented a ton of junk wax errors– especially from 1991 Topps.

All three Oil Can Boyd flag tip variations; no tip, pink tip, and black tip. All glow-backs too! I am currently attempting to get the black flag tip variation added to the trading card database. We’ll see.

Another missing variation was the Storm Davis no trademark error. Neither of these are glow-backs.

A* and A* B* variations seem to pop up often. This one was unknown to me until it arrived in my package. I am also attempting to get this added to the trading card database. Neither are glow-backs.

This checklist had three known iterations. This error is supposedly the second iteration. The corrected version is a glow-back. The error is not.

A big thanks to Junk Wax Gems for sending the additional error cards. This is the set that keeps on giving.

By BaseCardHero

Ryan is a baseball card dork and developer. He has been collecting cards since he was six starting with 1988 Score. Reigning from Minnesota, he is an avid Minnesota sports fan.

8 replies on “Mail For The Rabbit Hole”

Nice finds. I’ll be joining you in that rabbit hole sometime in the future whenever I get around to inventorying my 1991 Topps cards. Not sure if I have a complete set but I’m sure I’m close. I’m sure I’ll be chasing some of the variations too.

I’ve liked this set since it’s release, but other than the glow-backs, I never realized that there were so many variations until you started posting about them.

Had no idea there were so many variations within this set. I had to flip back and forth five or six times to figure out the different flag tips on the Oil Can card. Cool stuff.

The flag tips used to be more rare, but they seem to pop up a lot more lately. It’s amazing that Topps actually spent the effort to create two more revisions of the original “error”.

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