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Mail Bag Recap #7 Part Dub

I was working up in my office last Thursday when my wife just walked in and dropped a box on my desk. What was this? I wasn’t expecting any cards. Well… I am always expecting cards, but not a full 200 count box.

After I looked at the return address, I immediately knew who this was from. Some quick work with a pair of scissors and the box was open. What I found was pure awesome…

A big thank you goes out to @DubMentality. He was incredibly generous in sending me a huge stack of Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, and a few Minnesota Timberwolves!

This was a completely awesome mail day! Again, thank you to DubMentality for his generous mail day. You really should check out his blog

By BaseCardHero

Ryan is a baseball card dork and developer. He has been collecting cards since he was six starting with 1988 Score. Reigning from Minnesota, he is an avid Minnesota sports fan.

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