Hoops Does Inserts!

Hoops Does Inserts

After opening a box of 2018-19 NBA Hoops recently, I was pleasantly surprised on how nice the insert sets were designed. Inserts have lost the excitement they once possessed in the mid-1990’s due to a number of reasons, but it seems Panini was making an attempt with the inserts for this years Hoops product.

In the mid-1990’s, inserts were the thing. They were usually the most expensive card(s) out of the product and you would only pull a couple out of a box. The rarity drove the demand up, which lead to higher prices.

When manufacturers went all-in on relics and autographs, inserts went to the side. Products either didn’t have any or they were seeded at a very high rate. With relics and autographs taking all the focus from collectors, the prices fell.

The overall design of inserts also fell to the back of the line; the thicker card stock, foil stamping, reflective stock. All gone. They were now merely just filler.

Enter 2018-19 Hoops

My box of Hoops yielded me a nice stack of inserts. No “rare” ones, but I am good with that. All the inserts were printed on a thicker card stock. All the sets have a foil stamping and about half use a reflective rainbow card stock.

I was eventually able to obtain a full base set after opening a hobby box and some extra packs. I like the inserts so much that I have decided to make an attempt at my first master set.

The images below were taken from my phone and do not give a good representation on how awesome these inserts are.

A question for set builders

For anyone who has completed (or attempted) to complete a master set… What made you decide to go for a master set?

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