Hits Hits Hits

Hits Hits Hits

The term “hit” in the sports card industry refers to an autograph or relic card. These hits are inserted into every single product available today. Hits completely drive the sports card industry and for good reason…

Hits, Hits, and More Hits

Hits are the selling point of every product today. How many hits per box? How many autographs per box? Are the autographs on-card? These are the questions asked when deciding what box (or case) of cards to purchase.

Don’t get my wrong. I want hits too. How is it not cool to own an autograph or piece of jersey from your favorite player? Oh, did I forget to mention people pay huge amounts of money for them too?

Hits are feeling played out

I don’t want to say I am bored with “hits”, but the excitement is gone. Maybe I am around too many hits? I top-loaded hits for a group breaker every week and saw thousands of hits go by me.

Is it necessary to have hits inserted with every product these days? Is it just a lack of creativity from the card companies? As collectors do we just expect autographs and relics in every box of cards?

The poor unappreciated base cards have taken a back seat and are simply used as filler. Maybe I miss my childhood days during the junk wax era when inserts and base card rookies dominated. But thinking back… the inserts in the late 1990’s got ridiculous too.

I still like hits

Even as I sit here and poke at the current state of the collecting industry, I will admit I like hits. In fact, some of my most prized cards are autographs and I still get excited when I pull an autograph out of a pack.

The moral of the story

Have fun with collecting and collect how you want to. Not everyone can get what they want. I may think the hit trend is going a bit too far, but things will change. They always do.

Author: BaseCardHero

Ryan is a baseball card dork and PHP developer. He has been collecting cards since he was six starting with 1988 Score. Reigning from Minnesota, he is an avid Minnesota sports fan.

2 thoughts on “Hits Hits Hits”

  1. I like hits OK, too, but I never EVER expect to pull anything glorious, no matter what the ads for the product show (and sometimes that’s ALL they show).
    And I can’t stand it that base cards get left behind or worse – thrown out.
    I think products like Topps Bunt that are simple and have no hits would sell just as well as the shiniest rookie-saturated high end mojo fest that any company can put out. The corporate suits just can’t see it that way, though.

    1. I see we are on the same page…

      I actually just opened some Topps Bunt… good stuff. A blog post on it will be coming soon.

      Thanks for reading.

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