Collecting The Hype

Buying Into The Hype

Some sport card collectors are willing to pay big money for rookie prospects who have yet to play a big league game. It doesn’t always work out, but this helps the hobby live.

With the 2015 NFL Draft now in the past.  The hype is building around the two top college prospects; Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota.  Even though neither of these two have stepped on the professional field, collectors are already paying good money for what little card companies have provided.

Everyone Does It

I have –in the past– bought into the hype of a rookie.  I remember scooping up any and all Shaquille O’Neal rookies I could get my hands on.  Luckily, he wasn’t a bust.  However, his 1990’s era rookies never amounted to anything close to the Michael Jordan rookies people were predicting.

My second hype buy-in was Alexandre Daigle; the next Wayne Gretzky.  That’s right, Alexandre Daigle.  After dominating the minor leagues, collectors were sure he would rise to the same level of Wayne Gretzky.  Sadly, he never got close to Gretzky –or any hall-of-famer– and faded into the background of the NHL.  Today his cards are found in bargain bins (if the time is taken to put them there).

My third and final hype buy-in was Marty Cordova.  Remember him?  Now, I actually have an excuse for getting into the hype with Cordova; his first two seasons were incredible.  In 1995 he was named the American League Rookie of the Year.  The next season he hit .309 with 111 RBIs.  Unfortunately, he never saw those numbers again and spent the next few seasons with the Twins, then jumped around the league until calling it quits.

It’s All Fun and Games

Even though it doesn’t always work out, this is part of the fun of collecting.  I still pick up Alexandre Daigle and Marty Cordova cards when I pop up, but at the post-hype price of course.  Have fun with it.  After all, it’s collecting.

So, do you collect the hype?

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