Collecting 1991 Topps Stadium Club Baseball

1991 Topps Stadium Club Pack

1991 Topps Stadium Club baseball was the first premium set released by Topps. The premium stock and picture quality caught fire with collectors.  The photos were something collectors had never seen before.  As the popularity rose, so did the prices.

The Set

This was a far different set that anything collectors had really seen.  The design, photos, and card stock were all new to the hobby.  Topps had taken a different route when releasing the set.  Instead of a regular set followed by an update set, 1991 Topps Stadium Club baseball was released in two series;  Each with 300 cards.

The Price

The original suggested retail price was $1.25, which did not last long.  Prices in my area hit $10, which was out of my price range as a fifth grader.  I had managed to buy a pack once, only to get all commons– ouch.  This set was clearly for adults.

Today you can get a box of series one or series two for around $15 to $20 dollars each.  This is far from the peak price when it was first released.

The Players

This set was loaded with stars from the early 1990’s.  The Nolan Ryan tuxedo has to be the most popular card from the set.  The only decent rookie from the set is Jeff Bagwell.  Since this is an early 1990’s set and the card quality is lacking compared to today’s card, graded versions are sought after by collectors.

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