2015 Topps Chrome Football Blaster

2014 Topps Chrome Football

This morning I had the itch to open some cards, so I made a trip to the store and picked up a blaster of 2015 Topps Chrome Football.  The blaster contains seven packs, plus an additional rookie relic.

I have always been a fan of Topps Chrome and have always admired refractors since the early days of Topps Finest.  This is supposedly the last year of football for Topps due to their licence with the NFL expiring.

2015 Topps Chrome Football

As usual, 2015 Topps Chrome Football follows the base 2015 Topps Football design.  I do like the design on regular Topps football base, but it does not transfer well on the Chrome stock.  The refractors are hard to see unless you have the correct lighting, which takes the “shiny fun” out of Chrome football.  However, Topps continued their retro inserts sets again which has been a favorite of mine in the past.

Just like 2014 Topps Chrome Football, I will be attempting to complete full base set along with the base inserts.  I am at the point where I can open a blaster and only find one or two cards I am missing…. lucky me.

What’s in the blaster?

As this was just a retail blaster, I was not expecting any hits… which I did not get– unless you count the rookie relic.  The highlight of the break was probably the Todd Gurley refractor rookie.  All of the base cards I received were duplicates of my base set except one.  I maybe have 75% of the set complete.

I always enjoy opening Chrome football boxes and blasters.  I just cannot get enough refractors.

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