2015 Bowman Football Box Break

2015 Bowman Football

Today I will be giving a short review of 2015 Bowman Football hobby box break.  The box comes courtesy of The Cardboard Connection due to a contest I won on their site.  This will be my first 2015 football product along with my first Topps Bowman football product.

What is in 2015 Bowman Football

Each box comes with 10 packs with 25 cards each.  A total of 4 autographs and 1 relic card is expected.  There are technically two base sets; veteran and rookie.  Each set contains a barrage of paper and foil parallels.  You can check out The Cardboard Connections review and set details at their site.

I really liked Bowman football.  I am not a huge autograph collector (chaser), but I do like the many parallels seeded within the box.  I do wish there was more inserts like the base Topps Football product, but the break provided me with almost a full base set; So I am still really happy with this break.

Thank you Cardboard Connection for providing the box.  It was a blast to open and I now have another set to complete.

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