2014 Topps Football Break

2014 Topps Football Break

I recently received a box of 2014 Topps football. Although the set has been out for almost two years, this is my first hobby box. Let’s see what I got.

The base set is one of my favorite products by Topps. This is one of the few sets that contain players not released in the smaller 300 card sets. For the last few years, this product has been a staple for me. Unfortunately, Topps no longer has an NFL licence and we will not be lucky enough to have any 2016 Topps football products.

Since there will not be any new Topps football releases, I have decided to start building recent base sets released within the last few years. I chose 2014 Topps football to be my first set build. The prices for a hobby box of 2014 Topps football is under $40, which makes it easier on the wallet to purchase a few boxes needed to complete the set.

If you want the full details on 2014 Topps football, check out Cardboard Connection for the full checklist.

What Was In The Box?

The hit was a 2014 Topps Relics Eric Ebron; Nothing special as this is a base hit. I wasn’t expecting a huge hit from this product as it is loaded with cheap base hits like the one I pulled. I consider myself more of a parallel guy and would rather get a nice low numbered card.

I really like the 1963 Topps Mini insert set. With a total of 132 cards to the set, it would not be too difficult to put the set together.

Topps loads each box with an array of inserts. The classic 1000 Yard Club and 4000 Yard Club inserts come a few per box. You also get one Military Camo and BCA Pink parallel per box.


One thing I like about this product was the large assortment of insert cards in the box. While this could make a master set a bit harder, it will be a good affordable challenge.

Have any 2014 Topps football inserts to sell or trade? Let me know on Twitter or contact me.

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