2014 Bowman Football Break

2014 Bowman Chrome Football

I am a sucker for chrome cards. There is no specific reason, but I love them! After opening many boxes of 2014 Topps Chrome Football, I recently acquired a box of 2014 Bowman Chrome Football. Let’s see what I got.

2014 Bowman Chrome Football

Although 2014 Bowman Chrome Football was not nearly as popular as it’s baseball counterpart, it brings an affordable alternative to regular chrome football.

Each box contains 18 packs, with four cards per pack. There is one autographed card per box with “hot boxes” having two autographs. You can also expect to pull four insert cards and a hand full of refractors (my favorite).

At just under $30 a box, this is much more affordable than 2014 Topps Chrome Football, which can run $45 to $60. One wish of mine would have been for Topps to release jumbo versions of their chrome football line just as they do with their baseball products.

What was in the box?

My rookie auto was Dominique Easley. Nothing special, but at least he is still in the league. I was really hoping for a Vikings or Packers autograph. However, I did pull a Teddy Bridgewater rookie insert. I’ll take that!


With Topps no longer having a football licence, I will be going back to their older football releases and attempting to complete the set. At just under $30 a box, this will be an easy build.

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